The objectives

The project is focusing on a particular cultural expression of the participating countries which is related with fashion and the particular ways to make clothes based on the local tradition (both in terms of design and in terms of the materials used etc). This traditional know-how is part of the intangible cultural heritage, since it is one of the most authentic ways of cultural expression of local communities. In the same time, clothes that are used inspired by the national cultural heritage are tangible items which can be sold (both inside and outside the country) and generate income for the local communities.

The project aims to improve employability and entrepreneurship in young people. Its main objective is to develop skills to young people, so that they can valorise elements of the cultural tradition of their country in relation to fashion and be able to work in this industry.

the FASHIORATION project aims to bring together different cultures in terms of fashion and costume habits and to train young designers and young people that are interested to work in the fashion sector on how they can draw on their national tradition, work on it creatively and deliver new contemporary creations to society as a whole which will bear the marks of their tradition.

The project FASHIORATION also aims to cultivate the soil in order to create synergies at transnational level not only between the participants from the partner countries, but also beyond. FASHIORATION will unleash creative forces.

the project FASHIORATION will train and open new horizons of creation for young creators throughout the costume and fashion production chain. Inspirational techniques, design, construction, weaving and dyeing that derive their roots from the tradition and history of the people will be introduced. In this way, young creators will turn their attention precisely to their roots and cultural traditions which are “genetically” linked to what we call “taste” and thus are more likely to be liked and to find buyers.

The project is also promoting the Digitalisation Agenda. FASHIORATION will take advantage of new technologies and deliver images, designs / patterns and videos in 360ο technology so that future designers of the project will have a complete picture of the objects on display. This guarantees a longterm sustainability as the different contemporary creators around the world will be able to visit the official site that will be created and study the exhibits in 360ο technology.

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