The project

The project FASHIORATION is centered on the innovative combination of youth work and the valorization of intangible cultural heritage in order to increase the employment of marginalized youth. FASHIORATION aims to develop the capacities of youth workers to utilize traditions related with the fashion in order to promote youth employment. It is recognized that the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage brings important social and economic value. In the same time youth unemployment is very high especially among young people that have recently inhabited urban centers. In this framework, the consortium will focus on issues as local traditions related with masks and puppets, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, community based tourism, cultural management, marketing of cultural heritage related projects etc. The project is going to organise three capacity building seminars, addressed to youth workers, a guide for youth workers, fashion galas and an international festival. The project will be implemented by 5 partner organizations from 5 Balkan countries. All activities are based on a variety of non-formal educational methodologies, including seminars, study visits, debates. The project is going to develop a number of open educational resources for the youth workers. At the end of the project, it is expected that youth workers and young people are going to develop significantly their skills in relation with the use of intangible cultural heritage as a source of local development and social inclusion for marginalized people.

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