Self-expression through fashion 

Tradition is a critical value-based element missing in today’s fashion world. A large majority of people are following fast-fashion trends, which are neither sustainable nor reflects our diverse cultures. The so-called fast-fashion makes us all look all the same, bland and limit our self-expression.

I believe that fashion’s mission should be the one allowing us to express our personality, mood, culture, traditions, background, and much more. Fashion phenomena can certainly bring people together while at the same time celebrating individual styles that are also reflecting their personal values. Our own style can be influenced by the fashion industry and cultural changes. However, things like tradition, culture, and sustainability are usually left behind. People tend to forget these important aspects in their constantly running lifestyle where spontaneous purchases take the top. Our behavior is affected by many external factors, such as the place we live, our family, people we talk to or follow on social media.

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