Textiles & Embroidery tradition in the Balkans.

An important part of our cultural history. By MIka Panagou -Costume designer and researcher In the past, cloth was made by our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers before it became an industrial technique. Each local costume was specific and marked family history, social status, and origin. It was part of a  more complex cultural-geographic history and […]

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Bosnian Rug

By Edelhida Dervisevic, Bravo organization, Bosnia-Herzegovina Bosnian rug, which is mostly of oriental origin and looks, represents an important cultural heritage for Bosniaks but also the rest of the nations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are decorated with colorful painted ornaments, which are connecting the impact of the Orient and Balkan-themed elements.The historian Hamdija Kreševljaković (1888-1959)

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