Textile Techniques: a Technical Approach of Tradition and Innovation

Visit to Historic Weaving Institution http://senedu.gr

 and Lecture, by Mrs. Sofia Tsourinaki, Textile Archaeologist  

 The development of spinning and weaving since ancient times (ancient Egypt around 3400 before Christ) . The first loom and how women sustained all clothing process in the household as well as. Wool was the first material to dress man and then cotton. From 2600 B.C. onwards, silk was spun and woven into fabric in China. And from Roman times the people of  Europe had many more materials to be dressed. Ancient dyes and methods: When the first humans created clothes the need for dyeing was absent and all textiles were some pale shade of grey or white but as civilization developed the need for social differentiation, especially gender and class became more pronounced. So, the first natural dyes were created and since then the road to synthetic dyes has been quite eventful only in nowadays to return back to nature at least at small scale creations and under the eye of Sustainable Fashion. 

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