Workshop in Tirana

Training course in Tirana, Albania 02-06 October 2022 The second training course took place in Tirana, Albania, on 02-06 October 2022, with the participation of 26 young fashion designers, youth workers/leaders and young people from Albania, Greece, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. The TC aimed to train and open new horizons of creation for young creators

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Presentations & more

The 1st live International meeting & Training, of Fashioration project took place in Athens, in May 17th-18th-19th, the frame of this meeting multiple activities took place in a full three days program. At TOPOS ALLOU theatre, where the base of the meeting was, all the partners made a detailed presentation of  their organizations and

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Workshop in relation with best practices presentation  at  the Theatre by Mika Panagou  Creating on the spot –hands on with numerous-but carefully selected materials. Participants having the theoretical knowledge and after visiting numerous traditional costumes are inspired by a selection of relative materials such as natural textiles and embroidery decorations as well as traditional decorative

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Textile Techniques: a Technical Approach of Tradition and Innovation

Visit to Historic Weaving Institution  and Lecture, by Mrs. Sofia Tsourinaki, Textile Archaeologist    The development of spinning and weaving since ancient times (ancient Egypt around 3400 before Christ) . The first loom and how women sustained all clothing process in the household as well as. Wool was the first material to dress man and then cotton. From

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passementerie manufacture which still produces ribbons, braids, tassels and curtain ties using age-old methods. “Greek folk costume design and its decorative elements”:  Lecture and hands-on workshop: Creating with photo collages on costume patterns by Mrs. Eleni Glynou Exploring the stylistic preferences of the Athenians in their everyday and special occasions dressing code.We will trace the sociopolitical reflections of

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