passementerie manufacture which still produces ribbons, braids, tassels and curtain ties using age-old methods.

Greek folk costume design and its decorative elements”:  Lecture and hands-on workshop: Creating with photo collages on costume patterns by Mrs. Eleni Glynou

Exploring the stylistic preferences of the Athenians in their everyday and special occasions dressing code.We will trace the sociopolitical reflections of the dressing habits projections and the mapping of similar habits in the newly-formed Greek state. We are going to emphasize the stitched decorative elements of two kinds of costumes, one is DULAMAS and the other is Fermeli. The decorative stitching techniques, the patient and skilful embroidery with a variety of threads and braided laces, the meaning of the cryptographic symbols of the embroideries. The  lecture, visit & workshop aim to inspire young students on the use and aesthetic importance of decorative elements within a contemporary context. We will see applications in present fashion shows. Also, to introduce a method that will be useful to youth workers to start their own design ideas and ofcourse to experience the revival of a  fashion support business drawing from the local history and tradition. 

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